Zen and the art of sharpening lawnmower blades.

There is something about the high speed rotation of an angle grinder on a lawnmower blade that makes me glad I have hearing protection on.  There is the satisfaction of turning a dull blade into a sharp blade. There’s also the satisfaction of the perfectly-cut blades of grass carpeting your yard.  

This is what I am doing today.  I am sharpening lawnmower blades and doing the seasonal shift from blowing snow to mulching grass.  

I have a mercurial relationship with small engines.  One minute I am making up words to yell in frustration (such as SCHMARPING FLAMINGTOID!) and the next minute I am moving snow or cutting grass with a huge smile on my face.  I just never know which way it’s going to land.

I hope today is a day I don’t tell the lawnmower I’m going to, “Kick the SMUNGING KRAZLEFLAP out of it.”  I’m not holding my breath.