Love and Affection

Sitting at an airport, you get to see all kinds of people. During my recent trip to New York, I was sitting at the gate in Minneapolis pondering who there was going to New York to visit and who was going home to New York. It was then I saw Matthew Nelson from the 80’s hair band “Nelson”. Matthew and his twin brother, Gunnar had long blonde flowing hair that Barbie dolls were jealous of back in 1980-something. I am fairly sure it was Matthew, because I sneezed and said “GUNNAR” really loudly and he didn’t even flinch. It’s not a DNA match, but good enough for me. The other thing that made me pretty sure it was him was the moment that we locked eyes. It was if I was saying,”Hey, I know who you are, and I’ve owned your cassette tape!” Then his gaze back seemed like he was saying,”Thanks, dude. We should get together and share pictures of when we had long hair some time.” “Yes. We should do that. Do you know Axl Rose?” “Get lost, loser”.

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