Bismarck vs. NYC

In walking around the streets of New York City, there’s a few difference I’ve noticed when I compare it to walking around the streets of Bismarck.
1. More hotdog stands in NYC. I asked for Cloverdale red and the nice gentleman told me to go away.
2. In Bismarck, summer has the smell of fresh asphalt of road work. In NYC, there’s an asphalty-smell, but there’s also a combination of hot old metal, 20,000 armpits that have never seen deodorant, and a touch of exhaust from the taxi that nearly hit you.
3. Bismarck has the alley of art where local artists have put their touch on the downtown buildings. New York has something similar, but near as I can tell it’s a little less colorful and says things like “SMIRNT 4 LIF” and “DJ APHID”. I don’t know what either of those mean, but I’m guessing they are historical figures.
4. The number of people walking around yelling about unhappy they are about “the clouds listening to their dreams” is larger in New York. It could be due to the cleaner air in North Dakota.

All in all, it feels like home…after the apocalypse.

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