Bluetooth for everyone!

Everything is better with Bluetooth. Headphones, televisions, refrigerators, Toyota Carollas, plant watering devices. Yes, this is not a joke. Your plant can send you a note when it’s in need of water. Cute. I wake up in the morning to check the news, see what the weather will be like, and be greeted by my krokus. Why not?
I already talk to my phone and to the little device in my living room to automatically purchase laundry detergent pods at low low prices with free two-day shipping. Why not my ficus?
I would like to add one item to that little device–sound. I think it would be awesome if the device could produce a sound depending upon it’s needs. If it’s got enough water, it whistles a happy tune—maybe the Andy Griffith Theme song. If it’s dry, it begs for water. If it’s really dry, it screams in it’s death throws and pleads with a dry raspy voice. If you over water it, the soundtrack from “The Titanic” pan flute music plays with subtle gurgling. I would buy that. In fact, if they had add on packs where you could get different personalities for different plants, I would buy those too. Maybe a soft-spoken spiritual-sounding voice for my aloe vera, and a loud┬áraucous personality for my cactus. Just thinking out loud here.

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