Open Letter to Steve Jobs on iOS 4.2

Oh wise and great turtle-necked one, I come before you this first time with some concerns. 

I have been a fan of Apple and of you for many a year including the awkward NeXT years.  I have always enjoyed my time with my iPods and Macs.  Heck, my brother owns a Newton. 

I own a few iPods and now get to use an iPad with all its wondrous, magic-like qualities.  You can see that with such a mental investment into this area, when the miracle of iOS 4.2 was announced, I was twitterpated (not associated in any way with  Apple has come through once again with added features to electronics I already owned.  It is like Christmas, only without the fat happy home invader and the egg nog (I’ve never been into any sort of nog). 

I fired up iTunes, plugged in the iPad, and clicked the magic button—“Update”.  About 20 minutes pass and a window pops up that my network connection timed out. 

Again and again I try.  Different networks, different computers.  The same result.  I tried the iPod touch then the iPad.  Back and forth like a deranged technician, I plugged and replugged the devices until my undocking fingers were raw! 

I must now assume that you, the great and powerful Wizard of Jobs has placed me on your “Naughty” list and am not supposed to receive this iOS 4.2 miracle of an update. 

Please, sir, I must know what I did to cause this wrath?  I do use Windows, but it’s my job!  Please don’t punish me for my job!  I’ve faithfully watched every release on video or LiveBlog since the live blogs started.  I have an Apple sticker covering my Dell Logo!  Help me understand!!!  I beg of you! 

Why must you punish me!  Please let me update to iOS 4.2.  Please!

Your loyal subject


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