Oct 20 2010

High-Definition Marketing Idiots

I’ve been a geek since the first time I saw Star Wars and wanted to build my own R2-D2.  Since then, I’ve tolerated with magically-enhanced images in movies where computers can bring out details that just aren’t there. 

Lately, I’ve noticed that there are companies using the term “High Definition” in relation to their products that have nothing to do with technology.  Products like paint and make-up claiming to be “High Definition” just burns my butter. 

From a nerd point-of-view, high definition is one or two million pixels per frame, which is substantially better than traditional TV.  Paint does not have pixels.  In fact, I hope that even the cheapest paint would be better than 2 million pixels.  I hope that paint would look like analog paint.  I can’t believe I used the phrase “Analog Paint” in a blog post.  This could the a sign that technology is taking over. 

At any rate, Mr. and Ms. Marketer, please stop using technology terms incorrectly in your advertising.  Lipstick cannot be “High Def”, nor can it be “Hi-Fi” or “10 megapixel”.  Knock it off!

That’s all I have to say about that.