About Red Sneaker

My name is Brian.
I was born in Yugoslavia to a couple pursuing careers in the bandanna industry. Unfortunately, the bandanna industry fell on hard time, so my parents moved to the promised land–Belgium.
In Belgium, we started building our future in fabric tips (one of the many lucrative side-businesses in the bandanna industry).
Without warning, the bottom fell out of the Belgian bandanna industry. So we moved to the united States.
We moved to Schenectady, NY because the zip code was 12345 and my father thought it could come in handy later.  It wasn’t.
Having a fully-saturated bandanna industry in the United States, our future was in question. I was 9 and of legal working age–in some parts of Yugoslavia. So I began pursuing a career as a forensic pathologist because I loved “Quincy”.
I found it difficult attaining a position in my chosen field, so I accepted the position of “Organ mopper”, which is the person that cleans up all the mess on the floors after the autopsies.
I worked for approximately 30 seconds before I decided in a career change.
After much research, I decided to seek a position as “Homer Simpson”. Springfield was interesting and Homer’s roll seemed conducive to my career needs.
It turns out that Mr. Simpson was very busy including TV and appearances on video games. I also learned that Homer was a cartoon.  I was unaware.
Back to the drawing board.
At age 18, I was a technological genius. I had built solar-powered toasters and toaster-powered calculators. I had a gentleman ask if I would remove the toaster from the equation, but I wouldn’t. Toast is very important.
He went on to build a solar-powered calculator. I knew he would fail!
Eventually in 2001, I founded Red Sneaker. A small company founded on the need for bacon-flavored marshmallows. The Bacon-mallow futures quickly faded, so what was left, turned into a blog (which is short for “Bacon Log”)

I like Bacon.
I like Homer Simpson.
I wear red sneakers.
I lie a lot.