• Zen and the art of sharpening lawnmower blades.

    There is something about the high speed rotation of an angle grinder on a lawnmower blade that makes me glad I have hearing protection on.  There is the satisfaction of turning a dull blade into a sharp blade. There’s also the satisfaction of the perfectly-cut blades of grass carpeting your yard.  

    This is what I am doing today.  I am sharpening lawnmower blades and doing the seasonal shift from blowing snow to mulching grass.  

    I have a mercurial relationship with small engines.  One minute I am making up words to yell in frustration (such as SCHMARPING FLAMINGTOID!) and the next minute I am moving snow or cutting grass with a huge smile on my face.  I just never know which way it’s going to land.

    I hope today is a day I don’t tell the lawnmower I’m going to, “Kick the SMUNGING KRAZLEFLAP out of it.”  I’m not holding my breath.

  • Carlos

    Carlos is the squirrel in our yard that greets me when I come outside.  Carlos is not as timid as the other squirrels. He’s a bit more bold when he thinks there’s food in it for him.  Usually he hangs back in a nearby tree watching me wander the yard. Once he hear the rattling of the birdseed, he knows his worries are over.  

    I really should stop calling it birdseed.  Carlos and his family of squirrels eat more of it than the birds do.  I know I could invest in those Rube Goldberg devices that send squirrels flying off the feeder, but I have a feeling that Carlos is an adrenaline junkie and he would only come back for more.  Plus, I feel like Carlos and I have bonded over the years. I walk outside, he watches me. We have a very comfortable relationship.

    I have a little miniature chair that is mounted to a tree that holds a cob of corn on it.  Carlos scurries down the tree, sits on the chair by straddling the cob and proceeds to fill his belly.  Meanwhile, I sit on the patio in my chair with my burger and corn on the cob and watch him eat his corn on the cob.  


  • …from the ashes

    20 years ago I had this wish I was writing more. I had this need to put “pen to paper” and write down stuff. Just stuff. Nothing terribly important, most of the time. Most of the posts only amused me. Some amused others. Some upset others.

    I took a long break. In fact all of the 20 years of posts can only be found in books I published once upon a time and on a series of USB drives I keep in a safe place.

    So I’m going through those little by little. I am hoping to find some things I forgot about. Maybe inspire new writing. Maybe something to amuse only me.

    Who knows.