New York 2009

New York 2009

Jen and I travelled to New York and took in the sights.  This photo was taken on a sight-deeming boat cruise around the island.  It was an overcast evening, but I was able to capture this shot as we passed under the bridge.  

The key to a shot like this is making sure your shutter speed is fast enough so you don’t get blur from the boat movement.  

Because this was shot on an older camera, ISO was more limited than in current cameras.  I couldn’t push more than ISO 800.  

The original I edited in the initial release of Lightroom.  It wasn’t able to recover detail out of the shadows or the blues in the sky to my satisfaction.  When I re-edited the image, I wa able to recover details under the bridge and a bit more color in the sky making for a more interesting photo.

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