Wind Canyon

Wind Canyon

After. A long day of hiking in the Badlands this summer,  Jennifer and I did one more hike into Wind Canyon.  It was, thankfully, not a rigorous hike.  My feet were a little sore, my shoulders were tired, but I wanted a beautiful sunset.  Just before sunset two other photographers show up and start taking photos of the beautiful sunset below.  One of the guys was just passing through on their way home to Minnesota and they thought—this would be a nice place to watch the sunset.  He was right.  It was.  

As the sun set, a herd of bison made their way from the large flat area on the left of the image down to the water and eventually, by sunset, all the way to the right side of the photo.  It was a great way to finish our day.  Jen, myself, the herd of Bison and some guy from Minnesota.

Sunset at Wind Canyon

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