Author: Brian

You are here because you have attended a photo class taught by Brian Matthews (that’s me!).

Maybe I went over some information that wasn’t in the notes (I do that sometimes).  Perhaps you lost the notes or files for the class and just needed to get another copy (It happens.  Don’t feel bad).  Whatever the reason, this site is here as a place to house all the current notes and information used in my classes.

I’ve broken the site down into these sections:

The Basics:  This is for the Digital Photo 1: The Basics Class.  An intro to digital photography.

Beyond the Auto Button:  This is information for the Digital Photo 2 course.

Beyond the Auto Button Part 2-The DSLR: Here’s the notes for the new class Part two of Beyond the auto Button.

Intro to Photoshop: Here’s the files for the Digital Photo 3 course.

Advanced Photoshop: You guessed it, all the Digital Photo 4 stuff.

Intro to Lightroom Students who went to the classes for Intro to Lightroom, the Notes and other files are here.

Intro to Light for Photographers:  An introduction to Light and Lighting for Photography

Intro to Light Painting Workshop:  Exploring Light Painting techniques hands-on.

DSLR Bootcamp:  Notes from the  DSLR Bootcamp class

Photography Lighting Bootcamp:  Here are the notes from the Photography Lighting Bootcamp class

Lastly but not leastly,  DSLR Workshop, which is a section for those folks who have gone to the Workshop.

As I add courses, I’ll be sure to add the section here.

The sections are password protected to ensure that the information is available to legitimate students.  You will receive the password for the section during class.

I hope you enjoyed the class(es)


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P.P.S.  If you have topics you would like for future classes, please let me know!  E-Mail me at

Current class ideas being considered are:


All-Hands-on Photo (like a guided photo walk with 6-10 students)

Photoshop for Photographers Bootcamp (2 nights)

Lightroom Bootcamp (2 nights)

e-mail me your ideas